Chocolates & Roses on One Condition

Three steps you and your partner can take to unpack that financial baggage February, the month of love. By now, the chocolates have been eaten, the flowers have wilted, and the apologies have been given for the less than romantic gift (that Dyson vacuum is awesome, but really?!). Were you the object of a loved one’s affection and the recipient of a proposal? If so, did you respond with a conditional acceptance upon a mutual passing of a credit check? I realize this is unromantic and a complete downer, but you may want to consider it and here’s why. The person you want to share your life with will have a huge influence on your financial security. S/he may encourage you to save money on the

How A Homeboy Inspired Me To Donate To Charity

What if you believed in someone so much, that it made them believe in themselves? What if you could make that difference happen for someone at the margins of society? Recently, I was moved to tears while listening to Fr. Gregory Boyle speak at Gonzaga College High School. He runs Homeboy Industries, a non-profit that gives hope to former gang members in LA by giving them jobs and training. Cesar and Richie, two of the “homeboys,” humbly shared how they were able to turn their life around through this program. Fr. Boyle believed in them and they began to believe in themselves. It was a powerful experience. I ASKED MYSELF, WHAT IS MY ROLE IN HELPING CESAR, RICHIE, AND OTHERS LIKE THEM? I bough

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