Three Simple Steps to Revolutionize Your Budget

Do you want a vacation in the Caribbean next year? Save for a new couch? Watch concerts at Strathmore regularly? Having an effective budget can help us reach specific life goals. Contrary to public opinion, budgeting helps us achieve financial freedom. Less than half of Americans have a budget, and only a fraction of them can stick to it. Many have tried using an app that tracks all spending. But given our busy urban lifestyles, it is often difficult to check such applications regularly and build it into our routine. Follow these three simple steps and you will find it easier to stick to your budget and — more importantly — feel financially free. Step 1: Pay yourself first. Want to save $2,6

Is Your Money Aligned With Your Values?

Do you prefer organic food? Do you recycle? Do you believe in fair labor standards? Great! But what if I told you that your 401k and IRA investments are running contrary to the values that are important to you? The largest stock mutual funds in America include companies that sell guns and tobacco, operate private prisons and nuclear power, and drill for oil and gas that contribute to climate change. It is highly probable you own one or several of these mutual funds through your 401k or IRA. I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that; however, I am here to raise your awareness. If this bothers you, you can choose to divest away from these companies. I just read a disturbing article in B

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