How to Choose Your Health Care Plan for 2018

It is open enrollment next week, and we must evaluate and choose the best health care plan for our household for the coming year. If you get health insurance through an exchange, open enrollment for 2018 runs from November 1 to December 15 (instead of January 31). Shopping is fun, but it doesn’t apply for health care plan shopping. If you get your plan through a large employer, expect an increase of about 4.3% in your premium contribution. You should be happy with that increase. In Maryland, the state approved average rate increases of 23 percent to nearly 50 percent, depending on the plan and carrier. Ouch. With a variety of options to choose from, select according to what’s most important

What You Need When You Can’t Follow Your Budget

You’ve gone to your talented financial planner Alvin Carlos, and he's given you a beautiful budget and a great way to organize your financial life. You know your income, you have your retirement set-up, and you know how much you can spend each month. However, you consistently make choices that cause you to go over budget. You have all the financial tools at your disposal, but you can’t seem to get it together when it comes to overspending and utilizing these tools for your best interest. Sometimes knowledge avails nothing when it comes to overspending. It’s possible to have the best tools, but still be your own worst enemy at managing money. It’s disillusioning and overwhelming when it’s the

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